MYP02 / Work in progress

MYP01’s aim is to create an immersive ambient experience with some latin touch that hold together all the songs. It gathers musicians from various ages and regions of the world, but the tiny feeling of Balearic nostalgia is always present during the listening. It contains tracks from Joan Bibiloni, Suso Saiz, Pablo Color, Dunkelziffer and many more…

  • Global Communication, UK (1994)
  • Joan Bibiloni, ES (1984)
  • Suso Saiz, ES (1986)
  • Pablo’s Eye, BE (1991)
  • Nic Lyon, AUS (1983)
  • Frank Harris, US 
  • Pablo Color, CH (2019)
  • Lili, FR (1986)
  • Os Mulheres Negras, BR (1988)
  • Guru Guru, DE (1979)
  • Dunkelziffer, DE (1983)
  • Javier Bergia, ES (1989)